US India relationship can't dictate India

India- US bilateral relationship

US can not dictate India’s international relationship and why should India even succumb to the pressure of one relationship and give away its cordial relationship with another.
India will retain its freedom of choice on the what to deal with whom on the International relationships. Definitely US can not dictate India on its international strategies. The on going friction between thethe two nations over economic issues among others in past few months can not take the front seat in India’s cases of concern about its international relationships and impact it.
When India is acknowledging the red lines of US the same is expected from US. Whether that be the comments on the religious freedom in India or the opinion on arms deal with Russia or the neutrality of India on Iran issue, India has always maintained its stand for years and continues to do so.
Ahead of the G20 summit when all eyes are on the meeting between heads of the two nations. With US secretary of state Pompeo’s visit to India soothing the friction India definitely has its strategies cleared in the interest of the nation.
Yes, there have been strain in the bilateral relationships between the two countries over the years and the successive administrations have been working on it but there are few areas where the differences are piling up increasing the friction between the two nations.

Like for instance, US not in the liking of the India Iran relationship where India is dependent on Iran and other gulf countries for its energy needs takes a neutral stand but US has views otherwise. Ofcourse India has reciprocated to soothe the friction by shifting its oil imports away from Tehran.
Also the very old cordial relationship of India with Russia can not be compromised just for the sake of some frictions with other country which is not in liking of the same. India has made it clear to stick to its decision on the present $5 billion dollar with Russia for a new air defense system. The diplomacy of India is worth appreciable with larger buys of India’s defense sector going to the West.
India strongly condemned the State Department annual 2018 International Religious Freedom Report released last week, which alleged that mob attacks by violent extremist Hindu groups against minority communities, particularly Muslims, continued in India in 2018. And truly no other country in the world is more secular than India and just like that no country can just opine negatively on the religious freedom of it citizens.
Harsh V. Pant, a professor in International Relations at King’s College London rightly says, “There are a number of issues on the table that have been bubbling under the surface for a few months. Hopefully it is the time to make sure that the divergences that seem to be becoming more prominent are normalized and that you have a relationship that becomes more about the positives than about the negatives.”
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