Thanks to Police for a cup of tea.


An auto with loud speaker around the corner of the street initially disturbed my afternoon nap on a holiday after a long week. I went over to my balcony to find out what was it for since elections campaigning was not around. The auto was not doing its sales but was making an announcement in the public interest from the police department.
Auto alerting people to be aware of the growing incidents of chain snatching around the city. Asking ladies to be careful with the gold chains when on roads.
Some how my heart saluted the police department and all the people who directly or indirectly put their efforts for the citizen’s safety and security for their life to continue normally without any unwanted incident happening around them. But still some anti social elements do not get tired of ruining the life of few for the because of damaged brains in their heads.
Then a question crossed my mind how easy it is to blame the security personnels in the event of lapse of security or unduly incident. But in truth little effort from us for our own community is also the responsibility of each one of us.
I sat comfortably and safely with a cup of tea viewing the sunset from my balcony how many people are at that moment working hard for my peaceful and safe cup of tea….

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