Anything for news? A really sad scenario

It was really a sad scenario of news reporting when veteran Congress leader and Gandhian G.Made Gowda had to come in front of media to clarify the allegations against him. A sad state of news reporting to unnecessarily drag such a senior personality into such things just for the sake of it.
The news report alleged that Mr. Gowda had asked for money from Mr. Puttaraju in a so called leaked audio clip.
Hours after the audio clip was leaked, Mr. Gowda addressed the media here and admitted that he had asked for money. But he clarified that it was not for bribing voters, but for taking care of the electioneering expenses.
He said no one could contest elections without spending money, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “The boys ask me for money to arrange coffee, breakfast and liquor. It is common nowadays, and so I asked for the money,” he said.
At least, Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy maintained that there was nothing wrong in Mr. Gowda seeking money. Addressing a press conference in Udupi, he pointed out that the Election Commission of India itself allows candidates to spend ₹70 lakh for election purposes in a parliamentary constituency.
News should not be at the cost of reputation of such veteran senior leader for no fault of his. A casual conversation twisted and turned to bring out an altogether different scenario definitely raises the authenticity of the news reporting in public.

Note : The opinion on this article is purely of the author