Reading Is An Addiction by B.Sri Mouktika, 7th class, K.V.No.1, Uppal


Reading is an addiction. Once addicted one can never come out of it. If you get addicted to reading you will just read anything, books, newspaper or any useless pamphlet and just can’t stop. My mother is book worm, Oh my God! she has such a huge collection of books. My brother says even I am turning into a book worm since I have started reading a lot. Yes I don’t like reading school books, I love reading story books. Unlike me my brother never ever touches books in holidays and even during school he studies just before exams. Though I do the same like him but I love reading story books. And on TV I prefer movies or educational channels but my brother loves to watch cartoon channel. And hence we fight, and because of the battle between me and my brother, our mother switches off the TV.

We sometimes get the golden opportunity to use laptop when mother takes a nap in the afternoon after a long day in the hot summer days. We both love watching art & crafts on youtube channels so no fight between me and my brother.
If there is no TV or Laptop available I start reading story books but my brother does something, like drawing or wasting my glue and craft items for doing some craft that we saw earlier. He messes up everything and in the end I make out some craft out of the mess but my brother takes the whole credit.
I think even you are addicted like me. Because even after reading about me and my brother for so long you did not stop reading and finished the article.

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