On that day …


On that day
Sometimes some incidents change the very perspective of the way we look at things. It then makes us realize that until we don’t know the other side of the story we can not come to conclusions.
The best friend of every lady is her house help if she has one. Its like nothing is manageable without her in her own life. Even mine was my best friend. A lady who was 20 years older to me. I knew very little of her family except that she has 6 grand daughters and a son and a daughter in law all of them living together in a small house. This lady always appreciated when left overs were given to her because that saved her own meal expenses of the day. She was a lady who never asked for anything more other than what I could offer her.
One fine day she had this toothless smile on her face said beamingly that in a months time she will be carrying his grand son in her hands. And she requested if I could make tomato chutney for her daughter in law. I obliged. So after a month she takes a fifteen days leave for the celebration of the arrival of the new one in her family. After three days when I called her to enquire the good health of both the mother and baby she weeps loudly to announce the death of both of them. I was in shock and thinking how could this happen and what could have gone wrong.
Immediately, I rush to her house. Her neighbors inform me that the house is locked and it will take some time for them to return home. And they recite the story of the mother who died after delivering a still born baby boy.
This young girl got married at the age of 14 years to this boy (son of my house help/ servant maid) and in a span of ten years the girl had six daughters and two abortions. Now I started to relate to the things. So my maid was taking care of her grand daughters from her only son. The girl had to undergo all the plight for the sake of giving a boy to the family.
This girl according to her neighbors, was regularly beaten up by her drunkard husband and abused by her mother in law for failing to give them a ‘Chirag’ a boy. The girl was supposed to eat only if anything was left to eat after everyone ate in the family which obviously led to malnutrition. The doctors were said to be warning the family not to pursue this hasty and nasty want for a boy looking at the condition of the girl. Neighbors went on to tell me that the girls parents too refused to support her instead warned her not to come to their home till she gave a boy to her husband’s family.
The girl did not die because her body could not cope up with so many pregnancies. Actually she did not die on the day of her delivery, she was dead long ago, when her spirit to live was killed everyday by so called her own family, she was dead long ago, when her soul was tortured by these societal norms where only a boy will carry forward the name of the family, she was dead long ago. Now finally she is resting in peace.
And the questions hung in my head about the future of those six girls. The want of a boy left these girls motherless in the hands of a drunkard father. And yes one more thing died on that day, the respect and sympathy for my best friend, my servant maid.
రాజాసింగ్ ను అడ్డుకునేందుకు భారీ కసరత్తు

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