No more success stories

by B.N.L.Sirisha
Inspiring women, motivational speaker, a woman who proved herself in the man world. We hear these words so many times. But lo, only if a story is behind them. The woman was raped when she was a girl of just seven and before she could come out of it she fell into an abusive relationship. But today she is an inspiration to many women and girls around the world, after she decided to move on and take hold of her life. Though she was penniless with her child in her arms today she is a millionaire.
Ever wondered why people like such stories at all? Why women always cry and hang on to their sorrows for so long a time repeating those ugly experiences again and again. Why is it always that though boosting about having a great present women so called hold on to the mikes and blabber the shit of their past for the world to listen.
Sad heartbroken stories make the headlines and real success stories with no sad past are just a scrolling?
What if a bus conductor’s daughter is an IAS topper and an orphan girl an IPS? But no you are not supposed to question because people around you are ready to give you lecture. Yes path trekked was not easy but you forgot to cheer up the other topper from a normal family and who had a normal life didn’t have a cake walk either. Don’t sympathizing not even empathy is required for such a long time for people with eerie past.
If you really want to appreciate, then appreciate the dreamer, sympathize with a struggler and empathise with a failure, but no what we do is just mock, mock and just mock them. Agreed that past was not easy and future will never show its cards but even the present is in a hurry to join the gone calendar.
Count your blessings because no one else will, life is not a bed of roses is a quote which every one knows. Beautiful things and wonderful memories ought to be stories worth repeating again and again and again.
Count your blessings because no one else will hence stop feeding the evil and spread the smile, its just one life,look uphill and dream to reach the twinkling.