Modi mania : Exit polls predict NDA


Modi mania all over again across the nation barring few places is what exit poles have to say.
With majority of the exit polls across various TV channels and also social media predicting the return of the BJP led NDA government at the center in the 2019 general elections political analysts have one thing to say in common on the outcome of the exit polls and that is Modi mania.
The BJP’s agenda, its leader Modi’s strong hold in public, and the past five years performance may lead the party to power in the center even this time as shown by the various exit polls.
Also at the center no opposition party could come out with a strong agenda or a leader who could contest for the PM position. This turned out to be a point of benefit for the BJP.
Interestingly the regional parties are expected to gain a sizeable amount of seats. So if at all the coalition government, to be precise the BJP led NDA government, has to be formed then BJP will definitely have to hear the say of the regional party representatives for continuing in power.

Coming to the election results which will be out only on 23rd of this month various other factors may effect the final outcome of the numbers which also include the allegations on the EVMs. There have been of course glitches in the way the elections have been conducted this time and arguments on the unanimity of the Election Commission and its performance as an independent body in the democracy.
As the vaccum being created in Telangana state with the Congress party decimating which is expected to be filled by the BJP. But how far this will get translated into seats is a thing of future.
Not to forget that the exit polls were proved wrong in the 2004 Vajpayee led BJP then.
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