Life is not easy and equally not tough either.


Life is not easy and equally not tough either. There are many times in life that we are upset and not happy with what we are doing. Even with all the efforts it becomes really hard to taste the success as if everything has been pre decided to definitely go wrong. The times when we are at super low for various reasons. It may be finances, it may be health, it may be about a single relationship or problem with the whole family. A big problem for one could be an ignorable one for another but for the person suffering, the magnitude could be huge and unbearable. Suggesting to think positive and act accordingly is the easiest thing to do but to put the same into actions is a mammoth task.

But as the old saying goes every journey,however long it may be, starts with a single step. Here is a small story. There were two friends who used to work in a coal mine. Both were hard workers. One day as they were digging one of them tumbled upon a diamond. Looking at it he was very happy and announced his decision against working in the coal mine in future and went home. The man digging beside him now started to dig in the same place in search of another diamond but alas of no use. Another worker came and looking at the half dug pit started digging for coal and found a very big diamond to his utter surprise. Only if the second person could have dug a little more with persistence the diamond would have been his. The story teaches us to be content with the little diamonds in our life. The story teaches us to be persistent in our efforts. The story also teaches us that there is always a time for things to get better.
So what is the best thing to do? Under any situation one need to train their mind to be positive and try to spread happiness around and if not possible should refrain from thinking & spreading negativity. Also believing that not only thinking positive but also rejecting the negative thoughts, which but obvious come back, consciously to channelize the energy within towards more productive tasks start believing in self and ultimately believing in the Higher Power. Initially all may be bizarre but when the efforts are positive and free of the negativity of the previous failure one starts experiencing that certainly the outcome was what ‘HE’ intended.
In our Vedas it is simply explained in terms of Guna,Karma,Kala. Guna is what we desire and karma is what we deserve and kala is the time. Guna and karma are interlinked forming a cycle of events in our lives over kala, time. So whatever we desire should be free of greed and ou actions responsible to accept the outcome whatever it may be in the course of time with a positive mind to further continue the life journey. As happy,content,peaceful and positive mind attracts the positivity energy of the universe.

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