L B Stadium tower collapses


The blaze erupted on Monday night in Hyderabad city. LB Stadium affected. The metro city, which experienced cloudy weather in the afternoon, had the whiff of rain towards evening. With gusty winds reaching a speed of 78 kmph made denizens run for cover.
The huge Floody Tower on the Tennis Courtyard at the L B Stadium collapsed with a loud noise. The players who looked at the risk had run out of fear. The LB stadium mishap occurred when GST superintendent of Hyderabad Commissionerate T Satya Subramanyam and his colleague M Ramesh were returning home.

Four cars and two bicycles were crushed under the tower. The flood lights were set up in the area of hatching by IPS officer HJ Dora (1995-96), president of the Olympic Association at the LB Stadium, for the national and international events. The absence of proper maintenance was the cause of the incident.
Many areas had witnessed traffic jams due to the flooded roads and traffic had to move at snail’s pace. Traffic police took up initiatives to clear the traffic jams and made movement of vehicles easy.
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