In brief today between Ind & Pak

1. The Press Trust of India (PTI) confirmed that the Pakistani jets attempted to violate the Indian air space. The aircrafts were however warded off by IAF aircrafts on patrol duty.
2. The news agency, ANI stated that a Pakistan Air Force (PAF) F-16 aircraft was shot down by the IAF aircrafts.The aircraft crashed in Lam Valley in Pakistan territory.
3. Pakistan said it had shot down two Indian warplanes in its airspace.
Multiple posts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and mainstream media reports, contain photos purporting to show two Indian Air Force jets shot down by Pakistan in Kashmir. The falsity of the news was proved since the images are from two separate plane crashes — one in 2016 in Rajasthan and the other in 2015 in Odisha.
4. As a safety measure, the airports had been temporarily shut down due to the increasing tension between the two countries today morning however, government has withdrawn the order to restrict civilian flights from nine airports in North India.
5. After claiming earlier in the day that it had shot down two Indian Air Force jets and had two Indian pilots in its custody, Pakistan changed its statement by evening, said it was holding only one Indian officer after India said that only one Air Force pilot was ‘missing in action’.
6.The Ministry of External Affairs on Wednesday summoned Pakistan Deputy High Commissioner Syed Haidar Shah and has reportedly read the Riot Act to the Pakistan envoy and said that the IAF pilot ‘must be returned’ to India. In this meeting India discussed many issues between India and Pakistan the major being the involvement of them in supporting terrorism.