Google joins elections in India

Google on Thursday marked the beginning of the general elections in India with a doodle that featured an inked finger. This doodle’s reach was only for India where the world’s largest democratic exercise kicked off earlier in the day.
According to the Election Commission (EC), around 8.4 crore first-time voters will cast their vote in Lok Sabha elections 2019. The biggest festival of the democratic India ‘The General Elections’ began today.

Google usually has weeks or months to plan its Doodles, but sometimes scientific discoveries dictate a tighter schedule for the artists behind the familiar variations of Google’s logo.
As the scientific and tech communities marveled Wednesday at the first direct image of a black hole, Google jumped into action to mark the milestone. Reflecting the extraordinary gravitational pull of the black hole, Google’s animated Doodle featured the image of the black hole at the center of the Doodle, sucking the other letters into its abyss before swallowing the photo too.