For a life time

By: B.N.L.Sirisha
One of my friends is a real cool dude. I just love him to be frank. We have not seen each other since many years. And we talk rarely just once in a while. We know each other since fifteen years and when we became friends I really don’t remember. I like his mom too. She is an English expert and my affinity towards her is because I personally love that language. I don’t know his job profile, never felt like asking also. But one thing that excites me his job related travelling. He shuttles between continents……So a thought occurred since he is alone travelling around the world why not I apply for a job as his secretary. So I put forth my proposal but that fellow says he has no vacancy. And we laughed together. Now he is on his way to U.K.
I have another cool friend. He is shorter than me but always argues that his height is more than mine, its okay. We have not seen each other since a long time and we talk rarely but when ever we talk its just fun. We tease each other and to pull my leg he would say,’ why did you get married when you had crush on me’ and I would say ‘I thought you were already engaged’. We laugh together. Now he is in heritage mall carrying his son and bags while his wife is busy shopping.
I love my friends. I don’t have a big list of friends and I never thought if the friend is a guy or a girl. We are friends. I am happily married and i share every conversation with my husband. I know all his friends too and few girls are now my best friends.
Well, today I saw a father scold her daughter who was 15 years old or so for walking alongside a guy while coming back from school. Such incidents are happening every day. A girl who played with her friends till yesterday is suddenly restricted just because she has grown into a beautiful lady and her parents fear the worst. But when doing so why does not it occur to them that the heart inside is still a child and will take time to adjust with nature. And in the process will also learn to prioritize things.
Guy or girl, teenage is such a subtle period, the world outside is enough to spoil their minds. Let home be pious place. At the end of the day friends are friends because friendship does not see gender. Friends are for life time

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