Fake concern

     By:B.Vishwa Mithra…..
India….!!!.. We call ourselves, a country which treat its guests with due respect. Are we really treating our guests in a good way? No matter what, let’s assume we treat our guests with courtesy. Being from such a good culture, it’s obvious that we are against racism (recent racist attacks in USA). We create a great hype in INDIA and our so called social, digital, and print media show very damn concern about it. Yes, I mean it..!! Is that concern real? Of course yes, because we are from such a great nation, and obviously expect that even our fellow Indians must be treated in a foreign nation the same way, we treat our guests here. Let me repeat my question again, Are we really treating our guests in a good way? Forget about guests, how we treat our own people..? Is every person treated equally in his/her own motherland…? Can a guy from South India, stay in North peacefully, without getting bullied..? It is the same with a North Indian in Southern India. We have so many movies, and daily shows which educate us how  people from TWO different STATES of India can hate, bully each other. Pardon, we don’t call it racism because it’s all fun man. How do you feel, when you are called a foreigner in your country? This is what happening with North-Eastern people. We shout at them “Go Back”. We call them Chinese. Sorry, still we are not racists. We are just having fun. But, do you think a woman deserves being called a prostitute just because she is from north east. There are instances when north-eastern women are raped, and no case would be registered, because we have a great slogan “Shakal se toh BITCH lagti hai”. We expect our people to be treated in a good way in a foreign nation, even though, we don’t treat our citizens in a proper way. Our leaders are so educated, mannered, and know the rules of democracy. They have a doctorate degree in dividing the vote bank on the name of religion, and caste. We never cast our vote, we always vote our caste. I, personally feel very sorry for the people and families who suffer from racist attacks in a foreign country. But, I feel ashamed that my own people are mistreated in my country. At the same time, are we reacting genuinely to the racist attacks? We show racism within our country, and yet expect the other nationalities to treat us in a respectable way. There is no wrong in expecting, but are we following that? It is always easy to say. We protest against refugees from Bangladesh, but expect other countries should let all refugees cross their borders. Every one of us try to post FAKE concern on social media against racism, but still practice that when it comes to our home. The racism that Indians feel in USA, or Australia or any other country does not even account for 1% of what we face in our own land. We portray liberals as Anti-Nationals (a very fancy word). Let us stop our fake concerns, and give hope to people who feel like a foreigner in their own country.
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