Dream Home

dream home
dream home

I was very happy. Very soon I’ll be  having a dream home of my own. My family. Happy that my dream is going to be a reality was in itself a dream. I was ready to go to any extent of hardship to have my own place in this big world.
The world around me was wonderful. Blossoms seemed specially beautiful. The cool breeze felt cooler than the usual. I started my day early so that I could collect stuff to start building my house. I roamed here and there all day deciding precisely what I wanted and settled everything in the place I chose to have my warm house. The sun was warm and I was happy at the progress of building which will be very soon my warm home.
After really a hectic day I thought of spending a little time by the side of the lake. My dream home would be lake view after construction. Before sunset ,appreciating myself for the progress, I just wanted to have a look at the place along with my partner. I was heartbroken when I saw no trace of what so ever.
I overheard the builder that a five storied apartment would be ready by the end of this year and that he was happy to see all big trees and rocks cleared with in few hours from the place.
This place is also mine. Please leave at least one tree in the corner of your construction site. Let me have even my own home along with yours…..

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