Do you understand EC…..

EC : As a common man what I know is that election commission of India (EC) takes care of the election process. And as far as my little knowledge goes EC is also responsible to keep a check on the campaigning process too, like how the campaigning is going on and if any of the leaders are violating the so called code of conduct.

But one thing I don’t really understand is that what are the rules in the so called code of conduct? And do they change depending on the circumstances and the person or party in question? Yes, as far as campaigning is concerned the leaders are prone to abuse the opposition to any extent but where is the check on the limit of that extent?

EC is a unanimous body and what one can understand from it is that the said body works without any influence from any government or any other political party. But then one start realizing that any unanimous body consist of officers and officers at the end of the day are just like any other human being who can be influenced or threatened may be.

As I said earlier, as a common man what I know is so called big people can influence anybody because not everybody is big enough to say a no to anybody, because nobody is above everybody.

EC issues notice to KCR for anti-Hindu remarks