A farmer's dream

A farmer's dream

A farmer’s dream … Praising a success story & appreciating the achiever is no big deal, but the tougher part would be to encourage the struggler or rather dreamer,
Ever heard of the story of an African tribe who believe in not cutting down the trees of their forest? Well what they do instead is to stand around the tree and abuse it, discourage it against its growth and eventually the tree falls off by itself. The tribe takes pride in not cutting down the trees with an axe. Keeping aside the authenticity of the story of tis tribe is our society any different?
The farmer has the strongest heart because he always work against odds. He did not commit suicide because he didn’t gain the profits or was in loss or he was in debts. What had he done? Prepared the land, ploughed, sowed, watered, and trusted….. in reality he invested all his money, time, energy and dreamt. It was a very small dream to buy a golden nose pin for his beautiful wife. He died because the society in which he lived ditched him, blamed his choices, made fake promises and backed off when his dream was dying eventually killing him.
Every dreamer doesn’t have a success story to share but oh dear! You never prayed for his dream too then why laugh at his failure May be the struggle, efforts, sleepless nights are unaccountable on bank balance sheets but they are as real as currency notes.
Little showers after a drought brings out the life from a dried land, the little yellow grass flowers are also full of life on the roadside and that is may be the nature’s way to replenish itself to always have a life.
Hopes and disappointments, dreams and struggles, success or failure. Isn’t that is what a life is all about?
by: B.N.L.Sirisha

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