Gold seized by TN police belongs to TTD


Tamil Nadu police seized 1381 kgs gold.Under routine checks ahead of the elections gold was seized at a check post near Thiruvallur. In a statement TTD EO Mr.Singhal said that the 1381 kilos of gold seized by the Tamil Nadu police near Thiruvallur belongs to the TTD itself.

TTD had deposited the said amount gold in the Punjab National Bank and the deadline of the deposit ended 20 days ago. In this regard TTD had given in written to PNB to hand over the gold to TTD. The vehicle carrying the gold was stopped and checked at the Avidi check post near Thiruvallur. The miscommunication between the officer at the check post and the persons in the vehicle led to the chaos.
తిరుమల శ్రీవారికి ఓ భక్తుడి విరాళం 13.5 కోట్లు

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