US Green Card : A dream of many

Green card for US

US green card is a dream of many graduates and post graduates of various fields and also for many others. US green card dilemma continues even with the amendments being introduced and speculations over the benefits to the Indians specially.
In an attempt to strike a balance between those standing in in queue for decades for employment-based green cards (owing to the per country caps) and the need to protect American workers, a bill – ‘The Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act (S.386)’, has been recently amended by Republican Senator Mike Lee. While this will benefit India, the bill also seeks to ensure that green card for others is not delayed.
Recent data shared by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS, show that as of April 2018, more than 600,000 Indian immigrants are waiting for their green cards.
Immigrants who have filed paperwork for green cards and for U.S. citizenship could see shorter wait times in some of the nation’s busiest cities as U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services works to transfer cases out of overburdened offices to even out processing times across the country.

After H-1B, EB-5 US immigrant visa, which is a employment-based fifth preference category visa, has reached the stage of inaccessibility to Indians. Indians applicants are about to hit its allotted quota for the EB 5-visa, which is a method to obtain a green card for foreign nationals who invest in a “new commercial enterprise” in the US.
An EB-5 applicant is required to invest $500,000 (about Rs 3.25 crore) in a commercial enterprise that creates at least 10 US jobs. In return, the applicant can get a green card in one-and-half to two years.
However, EB-5 visa filings from India have increased from 99 in 2014 to more than 500 in 2017. India is set to hit its allocated quota of EB-5, with a country cap of 7.1 per cent or 700 visas, for the first time this month, the Economic Times reported.
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