Telanagana villages under superstitions spell


Where there are a set of people who are flying high in space there are also a set of people who have not yet come out of the deep dark well of superstitious. Kaala jadhu, banamati, chethabadi whatever be the name there are still such people who believe the cause of problems in their lives is some black magic or impure souls. And of course there are a sect of intelligent people who encash the fear and ignorance of such people.
A set of such people taking advantage of uneducated were taken into remand by the Police Commissioner of Ramagundam, Mr. Satyanarayana. According to the commissioner various teams of special task force got into action to curb these so called babas who were supposedly practicing black magic and were in procession of special powers. Ramagundam commissionerate got a hint of such activities in its limits. And on investigation found many people indulged in heinous activities of black magic.

Upon investigation the police found out that many villages in Manchirayala and Peddapalli district were severly effected of superstitions. Ingaram, Bellam palli, Ramakrishnapuram, Chunambatiwada,Chenuru are just a few names where people have stopped going to doctors for physical ailments. And for their personal and financial problems these babas were no less than the gods to show solutions. And taking advantage of the innocence or ignorance these people are cashing thousands of rupees ever month.
Haldi – Kumkum, vibhudi, cocks and hens, threads and powders, nuts and bolts, glass pieces, stone and pebbles are the only investment for these babas who got habituated to easy money and are intelligent enough to convince people about their powers to solve their problems.
Jana vignana vedika conduct work shops every now and then to educate people and warn them against superstitions but in vain. A volunteer expresses his concern that despite police involvement and government intervention it is people’s ignorance that fuels the sprouting of such babas like mushrooms.

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