Telangana Inter students protests

Telangana State intermediate board released the results on April 18 after much speculation on the release date. But soon after the students came up with their marks memo stating mistakes in them. The students staged protest in Hyderabad today in front of inter board along with their parents. While the inter board is maintaining that only few marks memo had mistakes in them, many a students are turning up with their marks wrongly printed marks memos.
Secretary of Inter Board Mr.Ashok has cleared that there are no mistakes in the marks memos released and if anyone is having doubts against it can definitely apply again and raise complaints for the same.
Protesting parents are criticizing the negligence of the officials concerned. Parents are alleging that this sort of negligence on part of a responsible officials is not acceptable as that can effect the future of the students.
The board is facing criticism for out sourcing the data processing and results processing to private firms which otherwise is taken care of by the boards it self. Right from online fees collection to allotment of more than prescribed number of papers to lecturers at spot valuation to few district toppers failing in subjects are revealing the negligence of the Intermediate Board right from the very beginning of this academic year.
Intermediate board of the state show cases a very high reputation among all other inter boards of other state but this year the process followed by the board and its outcome is really disappointing.