Telangana minors missing cases; 2000 in 3 years


In Telangana minors missing cases reportedly has a whopping 2000 cases in its police stations across the state in a span of three years let alone the non registered cases. Definitely it is a reason of concern for all parents across the state and equally for the government.
National Humans Rights Commission received a letter from Telangana High Court lawyer Mr.Rapolu Bhaskar. In his letter he requested NHRC to reopen the missing cases registered in Telangana state of minors between 2015- 2018.
In his letter he wrote that every year some 13000 missing cases are registered across the state. But amongst them around three to four thousand cases are complaints raised for minors missing. And 1324 cases are of minor girls. Mr. Rapolu requested NHRC that the 2000 odd cases that have been closed in the said period be reopened. The serial murders of the Hajipuri village in Yadadri and Mr. Rapolu placing a request with NHRC in a row are worth paying attention.

In his letter Mr. Rapolu said that the attitude of the police towards the parents who come to police station to lodge the complaint of their missing one is also bad and need to be checked.

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