Telangana farmers miserable state


Telangana farmers are in a state of misery as the state is witnessing heavy rains since few days. With thunderstorms and lightning these rains have turned to be a curse to the farmers and their farms. Mango grooves, vegetable farms and above all the ready paddy in the state got drenched in the state.
IKP centers and market wards turned out to be depression centers for the farmers in Nalgonda and other districts in Hyderabad. Both untimely heavy rains and the negligence of the concerned authorities ditched the farmers of the states.

The Paddy was brought to the IKP centers by farmers almost two weeks ago and were dumped in huge quantities in open at these centers for sale. But with no buyer and officials negligence to provide shelter and storage required led to the damage to paddy farmers. After investing time, money, energy when the farmers were looking forward for the fruit of their labor the rain and the government poured water on their hopes and hard work.
The situation is grave for these farmers with zero earnings because of the heavy rains. Farmers of Bhuvanagiri, Bibinagar, Alleru, Yadagirigutta, Wangapllay, Rajapet, Waligonda, Nalgonda, Thiparthi, Markulapally, Munugodu, Chandur, Nakredpally mandals lost their crops in the heavy rains from yesterdays. Four farmers reportedly died of the thundering in these areas along with the farm animals.
Most of the farmers are ready with their crops but the rain accompanied by hail stones damaged everything. Mangoes in the grooves fell to ground and the grains in IKP centers got drenched with no proper shelter or availability of plastic sheets. The depressed farmers are waiting for the government response to save them from the aftermath of the damage.

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