I love my little house. A single bedroom modest independent house with a little garden in front. My husband being a school teacher we had to take the plot for the house in the outskirts of the city where it was economical for us. Initially it was difficult with no real neighbours but my husband always assured me, enjoy this peaceful atmosphere sooner you will find the city encroaching this place.
As he had predicted, our house now was amidst lot of noise. As kids started growing older I joined in a small firm to support the house expenses. He used to come to pick me up at bus stop in the evening. Our house was now two lanes behind the bus stop. And around the corner lot many commercial buildings popped up. I had really huge number of real neighbours.
My little daughter is in twelfth now and my son started his graduation. We were really happy family with little ups and downs of life. But now………. We can’t sell the house for obvious reasons. More obviously we can not relocate our house to a new area like the trees which are being replanted replantation of big trees, actually I loved the idea when I first learnt about it atleast few big trees could be saved. Well, we are not having peaceful sleep either. We don’t know what to do, whom to approach. This new trouble is more than troubling us and we are really helpless.
Now that I have real neighbours, all of us are under the same daily trouble.
Liquor shop. It has a license, a government permission. It has our local MLA support. Our division corporator says he is helpless. They say the shop is given permission according to the rules. But it is exactly between the bus stop and the corner of our colony entrance. And they say government gave it license according to the rules.
I love my little house. You know how we tell our address? We say,’ get down at Adarsh Nagar bustop, and cross the Balaji Laxmi wines to your right and take the turn at the corner’.

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