Accused not guilty until proven


Ranjan Gogoi began by stating that he received four communications from The Wire, Leaflet, Caravan and Scroll on Friday evening and shortly after the publication of the article, the Court called for an immediate court session at 10.30 a.m. A three-Judge Bench of the Supreme Court comprising of the CJI, Justice Arun Mishra and Justice Sanjiv Khanna held a special sitting today.
Chief Justice Gogoi said, “The responsibility of calling this hearing is mine. We had to take this extraordinary and unusual step because things have gone too far. Judiciary cannot be made a scapegoat.”
The day saw some news websites publishing an article about a former Supreme Court employee accusing the CJI of making sexual advances at her while she was working as a junior court assistant last year.
“We refrain from passing any judicial order at this moment leaving it to the wisdom of the media to show restraint, act responsibly as is expected from them.” The Supreme Court order passed after the special sitting held earlier today is out.

Speculating the reasons behind the allegations, CJI Gogoi said that as he was to hear important cases next week and this was an attempt to dissuade him from hearing the important matters.
“As the forces did not find anything against me they have used this unscrupulous woman to level charges against me, and the court believes that there is a bigger plot behind this, and those people ‘want to deactivate the office of CJI’.” said the CJI.
The CJI further expressed his anguish. He said: “No judge is going to decide cases if this is the kind of attack we get. Reputation is only thing we get. Even that is attacked”
The secretary-general of the Supreme Court, Sanjeev S. Kalgaonkar said, “It appears that these false allegations are being made as a pressure tactic to somehow come out of the various proceedings which have been initiated in law, against her and her family, for their own wrong doings. It is is also very possible that there are mischievous forces behind all this, with an intention to malign the institution.”
“Nobody can catch me on money, people have to find something and they have found this,” CJI said, adding, “Reputation is all we have and that is under attack. There was a “bigger plot” to deactivate the office of CJI.”

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