Rahul Gandhi resignation drama

Rahul Gandhi resignation drama

Rahul Gandhi resignation drama continues with Rahul Gandhi telling senior Congress leaders Ahmed Patel and KC Venugopal that the party will have to find a new chief as his decision stands. Rahul Gandhi resignation drama is being speculated a lot over the days after the election results were out on May 23.
What does it really mean? The leader of Congress party took the responsibility of the performance of the party in the elections. Which was not really bad to say a whopping 12.5 crore people have voted for the grand old party. Where did the party really go wrong?
There is a speculation about this opinion but the opinion stands true among the Congress leaders. ‘The alternative in the state of democracy to stop the relentlessness of the BJP in the country is Congress. Its terribly unfair to ascribe the loss of the party to an individual.’
The economic self interest of the individual was wrongly estimated by the Congress and why did the people suffering from the GST implementation shutting down the micro and small businesses. Along with it addressing the joblessness and the cry of the farmers was neglected.
And may be the reach of the public interest schemes had far reach propaganda or advertised. But the fact is that the toilets constructed are in lack of water and that the gas cylinders are awaiting the replacement have been overshadowed by the BJP, which Congress could not really shed some light on.
Also may be the Balakot effect which turned out in favor of the BJP was probably could have dealt differently by the Congress party.
Obviously the Congress party did not put up a proper alternative or solution to the real ground level problems and that has definitely shown up in the results of the elections.

Now that the results are out with Congress really done very good in few places like in south for example, its time for the party to bring together everything and prepare itself for the future making out from the short comings of the past.
Since party is never a single person though the leader is the face of the party. It is high time for Congress party for some introspection and retrospection and work accordingly rather pointing out the fingure on one another.
What would be the outcome of the internal churning of the grand old party is awaited with the BJP government to swear in a short time from now?
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