PM visit highlights in Telangana


“At the suggestions of an astrologer, no work was done in the state. If the state elections were held with general elections, it would’ve spared the state from extra burden that the state has to now bear. They were well aware that they can’t win if both elections are held together. Who is going to decide the fate of the state? The people of Telangana or an astrologer?” said PM Modi in Telangana.
In Telangana, Prime Minister accused the state government of not letting the people enjoy the services of the Ayushman scheme. He also added that before 2014 only 40% of the population there had toilets, while now every household has.

“On one hand, you’ve people who have neglected this region and on the other, you have Chowkidar who stands for the people,” “Terrorism is now confined to J&K. You no longer hear of news of bomb explosions as it was five years ago. The noose has been tightened on the supporters of the terrorists. We go across the border and annihilate the hotbeds of terrorists. This new identity of India gives energy to New India,” said PM Modi in Mahabubnagar.
PM Narendra Modi in Kurnool said ‘Your vote will ensure the double engine for the development of Andhra Pradesh – BJP govt in the state and BJP govt at the centre’.

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