Please…I Can't

The story did not end there. Baby elephant (from here on will be referred as Jr.E) started thinking of the promise it made to his father (from here on will be referred as Sr.E). ‘Atleast by next year I should fulfill my promise to my father’, this was the only constant thought in Jr.E’s head. But however hard he tried, he could not even jump up with all his four feet. Time rolled and an year passed.
Sr.E was very upset and Jr.E was trembling. ‘But you had promised you would do it, if you couldn’t do it then why did you promise me in the very first place. You should have cleared it then only. Now you see what you have done. Inspite of my efforts and sacrifices you are just the same. I am ashamed of you’, Sr.E shouted at his son.
‘I wanted to try it for once Papa if I could make it happen but I am sorry couldn’t’, fumbled Jr.E. But furious father went away without wishing his son on his birthday.
To try for one last time Jr.E decided to jump off the cliff but at the right moment Mr. Eagle stopped him and explained why he couldn’t it and also made him understand what he was capable of. From there on Jr.E set on his own Journey to accomplish many things.
Having Mr. Eagle in life is a boon to every student and his family. But not everyone is so lucky.
What if Jr.E would have jumped off the cliff? What if on his journey away from family he could have accomplished nothing and wanted to come back? What if…….?
(రచనలకు ఆహ్వానం… మీ రచనలను మాకు కు పంపండి)

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