Picasso or Pigcasso – Lucky PIG Owner

One pig in South Africa has found her inner Picasso.
Brandishing a paintbrush in her snout, Pigcasso enthusiastically tosses her head to create bright, bold strokes across a canvas propped up in her sty.Her paintings can sell for almost $4,000, with the proceeds going to animal welfare. She has even had one of her artworks turned into a watch face for Swiss watchmaker Swatch.Swatch announced a collaboration with the pig last month.

“She basically destroyed everything expect these paintbrushes and I thought, ‘Gosh maybe there’s something in there,’ because it was really strange that she loved them so much and it just took a bit of positive reinforcement and, to be honest, it wasn’t long before she was picking them up, going towards a canvas and creating these amazing masterpieces that are now sold all over the world,” said the owner.
The sow was rescued from an abattoir as a piglet and brought to an animal sanctuary in Franschhoek, in South Africa’s Western Cape region in 2016, where her new owners noticed her love of color and paint brushes.