Pakistan words and actions are of no match


What PM of Pakistan is trying to project to the world and what is happening at the border are entirely two different scenarios. It seems that PM of Pakistan and the military are not related to each other. With the escalating tensions between India and Pakistan world is watching everyday developments very closely mentioning time and again to both the countries to show restrain and take a more diplomatic route to solve the situation. But what Pak is boosting to be a peace gesture to return of the wing commander Abhinandan to India and projecting itself to be behaving in more matured manner than India the border has to share a different story. Under the immense pressure from world countries Pak had to release Indian wing commander.Though Pak PM Imran Khan is boosting of proposing peace talks with India and to fight together against terrorism non stop bombardment from Pakistan is disturbing even the civilians in the nearby villages of the LoC. Shelling across the border do happen time and again and India do retaliate the bombing but the point of concern rises when the bombing happens in the forward posts and further in the villages near the border. The overnight shelling in Poonch area and other disturbances from Pakistan side along Ind-Pak border has become more than an issue of concern when death count is rising including the civilians.India is trying to take all the measures of security for the people in this area to return to their normal life but normalcy seems to be far away for us indians residing in border area. In spite of repeated proclaim by Pakistan that nothing can justify terrorism, but the backing of JeM by them tells the world otherwise. De-escalation of the tensions and truce between the nations is a win win situation for both the countries but the practicality involved in the execution of the same remains a question.

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