Why Congress party lost?


Why Congress party lost? One of the oldest parties in the country the Congress party lost with a huge margin in the general elections 2019. Not only the Modi Mania worked in the Lok Sabha elections this time the Congress party loss can be attributed to the party itself.
It is a stunning loss for a party that has campaigned on an anti-Modi rhetoric.
At large the alliances of Congress were in a relationship with the party under friction which definably showed off in the results in the respective states.
Congress as an organization says it’s a strong believer of secularism and liberalization in the country and criticizes BJP of forcing Hindutva on the people of country. If that was to be true the electorates did not buy the say.

‘Chowkidaar Chor Hai’ slogan was probable a not so good choice made by Rahul Gandhi. Attributing it to the Supreme court and then apologizing on the same was a thing that really drenched the Congress in negative prospect in front of the country’s people.
Did Congress mishandle the Pulwama attack though initially they had applauded the retaliation from Indian side. The nationalism narrative boosted by Congress attacking the Balakot attacks actually landed the party in a sort of ditch when the whole country accepted the move by the BJP government positively.
The Priyanka not given a constituency to contest was not received positively by the people. Though she was appointed as the general secretary in charge of the party by party’s president Rahul Gandhi and was campaigning extensively did not really work out in favor of the Congress party.
Rahul Gandhi’s leadership has raised questions with the results pouring in. Political fall out is forecasted. The uncertainty of who will be the PM from Congress party if it wins which was left unanswered by the party definitely fired back.
In Amethi though a home constituency of Congress has not seen any development over the years and the confidence of Gandhi family winning there under any circumstances looks to get a blow. The credit also goes to Smriti Irani the BJP candidate from the place who has been a regular to her constituency.
Of course Sonia Gandhi is in lead in her Raebaleri constituency.
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