Vivek Oberoi as Narendra Modi


Vivek Oberoi is excited about the release of the biopic on PM Narendra Modi and says it is an inspirational story of a man who inspires millions of people in the country.Vivek Oberoi said, “It is the story of a ‘chaiwala’ who became the Prime Minister of India. It is an inspiring story that needs to be told. I did the film because PM Narendra Modi inspires me.” When asked if it is a propaganda film, the actor said, “It is just a coincidence that the film is releasing ahead of the election. It is not a propaganda film. I am an individual who has a credible body of work over the last 18 years, more than 45 films and more than 26-27 awards. So I stand my ground there. I don’t need to make him appear as a hero. He is a hero to billions of people across the world.”He said, “The transformation from Vivek Oberoi to Narendra Modi was a prosthetic process that took 5-6 hours every single time. Because I am shooting at 7 in the morning, I had to get into my prosthetic makeup at 1am. So, I had to be up at midnight, shower, get ready and in that chair, getting make-up and prosthetics done all through the night so that I can shoot in the morning. While portraying him on the screen, I wanted to emulate him on screen. Trying to capture the spirit of the man and the inspirational story. ”

PM Narendra Modi is directed by Omung Kumar and was set to release on April 5. However the film will not hit the theatres this Friday, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear a fresh petition seeking to defer the release of the film.

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