Modi Awards : Ideal or Manipulative


Since January this year, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi received three prestigious international awards. One in January was from Palestinian government. The second was from UAE government in the beginning of April. And the third one was announced recently by the Russian government. The awards are said to be given to Mr. Modi by these nations for his sincere efforts towards the development of the bilateral relationships between India and the respective countries.
Interestingly the awards to Mr. Modi is coinciding with the nation’s General Elections. Another interesting thing is that countries are letting go the procedural protocol that has to be followed during the announcement of the awards from their nation to any international leader for his/her accomplishments. All the awards in a row to Mr. Modi at the time of General Elections in the country is of course thought provoking.
The Modi wave saw a dip in the 2019 general elections when compared to that during 2014 general elections. Most of the promises which were made before 2014 elections remained as only promises. It’s a known fact from the present scenario that for Modi these elections are tougher and extra efforts are required for him to come back to power in Delhi. Considering this some critics are expressing few doubts on the way the awards are being given to Mr.Modi. The doubts do not exclude the possibility of the strategy to deliberately project Modi as an international leader at this point of time.

It’s a known fact that the bilateral relationship was cold between India and Russia after the Modi government came to power. It is said that the efforts to improve bilateral relationships between India and USA could be one of the reasons for the same. In turn the bilateral relationships between Russia and China saw an improvement. Amidst all this a notable development just before the elections was India placing a huge order of AK-203 required for the Indian army with Russia. International political analysts and critics are raising doubts on the announcement by the Russian government for awarding Mr.Modi now, for his efforts to improve bilateral relationships between India And Russia.
There are few international leaders who have followers not only in their home land but across the borders. There are also few leaders who have a huge fan following around the globe. Different countries give awards recognizing such leaders who influence people on a global platform. Keeping aside the question whether Narendra Modi is a leader of such stature, the announcement of these awards by different nations at the moment of general elections in India and the influence of the same on the outcome of the general elections is undoubtedly a question giving way to many other questions and doubts.
Modi has a big number of followers on social media. The supporters on social media have a different thing to say. They are criticizing the criticisms that are rounding about Mr. Modi. Few netizens are backing Modi saying that these are just rumors to defame Modi and that his accomplishments should be acknowledged and that he is definitely an international leader.
Whether he is an international leader or not is a different thing but the flow of the awards ahead of the General Elections can not be left unnoticed.

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