Miss India Universe harassed

Miss India Universe harassed

Miss India Universe harassed in the middle of the road at midnight in Kolkata. Miss India Universe alleged that she, when travelling in an Uber, was harassed along with her colleague and the driver by some hooligans.
The former Miss India Universe took to Facebook to write a detailed post. In the post she wrote on what she had to face last night, when a group of boys rammed into her cab and harassed her.
Ushoshi also posted a video of the group of boys harassing her and her driver. Also a photo of the smashed front windshield of her cab.
Sengupta has complained that when she ran to the Maidan police station located across the street. An officer she approached initially refused to come to the help of the cab driver. She alleged that he was saying the portion of the road where the incident was taking place is under the jurisdiction of the Bhawanipore police station. Eventually, he agreed to help Sengupta. On seeing the police the young men fled. But followed the cab to Lake Gardens where Sengupta and her colleague live.
After Sengupta wrote about her plight on social media on Tuesday afternoon, the post went viral. Police sprang into action. By evening, Kolkata Police arrested seven persons.

At 8 pm on Tuesday, Kolkata Police tweeted, “We have taken this incident very seriously and seven persons have been arrested so far. On the order of the police commissioner, an inquiry regarding the non-registration of FIR has been initiated into the incident at a very senior level.”
Talking to media she requested everyone to take the case seriously not because of what she is but because the matter is a serious one for the graveness of the situation of the safety of a common on the streets of India.
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