Minors in major cyber crimes


According to cyberabad cyber crime ACP a minor boy from madurai, Tamilnadu used to send friends request via instagram. Few of the girls used to accept the request and send their photos to the girl not knowing that its a guy actually. This guy took to blackmailing these girls after morphing their photographs. The whole picture came to light when a girl from gachibowli also got trapped who opt the better option of complaining the same to cyberabad cyber crime branch.
After investigating in proper channel the police tracked the boy and found out that he is just a kid and since he is a minor his parents were counselled on the situation. Further proceedings will be thought of and taken care of considering the age of the boy.
This incident came to light but there are many such cases of school going children who are into unethical usage of the internet and smart phones. A smart phone has become an inevitable part of our everyday lives. Students are very much dependent on the internet for their studies purpose but not all are the same. According to cyber crime investigator kids with criminal mentality are prone to use their opportunity to harm others and ultimately themselves. A proper check on the child both by parents and teachers is a must. Unless child is given a safe and free environment to express their thoughts it is difficult to estimate their activities let alone constraint them.

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