Mayor of a US town is a real goat


In Tuesday’s poll, Lincoln( a goat which belongs to a school math teacher) was victorious over 15 other candidates including Crystal the gerbil and many dogs and cats.Fair Haven has no official mayor but the Town Manager, Joseph Gunter, holds similar functions.Fair Haven is home to 2,500 people and does not have a human mayor. When Town Manager Gunter read in a newspaper that the village of Omena, Michigan, had made Sweet Tart the cat its “top” official, he got the idea to organize a similar election to raise funds for building a playground. For just $5, residents could enter their pets in the race, with every dollar going toward the building of a community playground some $100 fund was raised.As the town’s first honorary pet mayor, Lincoln will attend events throughout the year and already has plans to march in a parade on Memorial Day.

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