Don't mix religion and politics : KTR

TRS Working President KTR alleged that the BJP is trying to gain political advantage by sparkling fire among the religions. Only prior to the election, the BJP would be reminded of the Rama janmabhoomi land dispute, and before the polls only they would be keen on Pakistan. KTR criticized the Modi government for commenting on the Common Civil Code in Kashmir too only before the elections. He also went on to say that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is making efforts to divide secular Bharat based on caste and religion.

TRS working president was all fumes on BJP and criticized the leaders of the BJP for saying they are Hindus just before the elections but the TRS leaders always lived as Hindus. Religion is a way of life that no one should politicize religion. KTR asked BJP not to unnecessarily portrait patriotism as their property, and that everyone in India shouts the slogan ‘Bharat mata ki Jai’ wholeheartedly. He alleged Modi as a man of words and no actions. KTR said that Modi has cheated the people of the country. In the upcoming elections KTR expressed his confidence of winning 16 seats from Telangana and thus will play a vital role in the formation of the next government in the country.