"Keep your opinion to yourself"


This week I realised this fact that keeping my opinion to myself is the best thing to do because irrespective of what I think things will any way happen the way they have to.
One fine evening when I was peaceful sitting in my sofa and sipping the tea municipality worker came up and said that their are five of them and have cleaned up the garbage, concrete etc near the wall and Asked me to pay 500 bugs. When I told that collect it from the landlord because I am just a tenant the half drunk opened his mouth full with tobacco and said ‘ Woh tum tum log dekh lo abhi hum ko paisa do hum jayenge’. Little scared since I was alone at home I simply gave away the amount and closed the door. When informed the same to my landlord he said don’t even think of cutting that amount from the rent next month and hung the phone. I called up my husband who declared a loss of 500/- from our monthly budget. But in my opinion landlord was the one who had to pay the amount to the workers the only reply I got was “Keep your opinion to yourself”.
I sat down looking at my tea which was cold by now. When I switched on the TV a channel was showcasing a story board on Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya etc and I was wondering how come so many crores could be termed as unretrievable and named as a scam involving big tickets. I am normal middle class house wife who don’t keep much knowledge of money matters because that is my better half’s department. But what I can understand is this bit that a money plant (I have a beautiful one in my backyard) can never give money and have to adjust my dreams according to my bank balance. I tried to have a discussion on the same with my friend who works in a bank about all this huge amount of money scams and my opinion about money, the only reply I got was “Keep your opinion to yourself”.
Little frustrated over a lot of confusion for my 500/- note I went to pamper myself with a little pedicure and a facial in the parlour. This fine lady is one person with whom i talk almost everything not worrying about she divulging my secrets to anyone. So after putting a facepack she started pedicure which was really relaxing. I told her how I lost 500/- to municipal workers and how my maid was also demanding a hike. Then suddenly a thought occurred to me if washing feet of these people would have been better instead of letting go off my money. I instantly shared my thought with this lady and asked her if that could be a solution to solve away demands of people around then in my opinion all the beauticians who are experts in pedicure (basically cleaning others feet ofcourse for some charge) should have no troubles from people, after a serious look the only reply I got was “Keep your opinion to yourself”.

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