Is KCR influencing AP assembly elections?

Another name that is circling the Andhra Pradesh Lok Sabha election campaigning along with the AP CM N.Chandra babu Naidu and opposition party leader Y.S.Jagan mohan reddy is that of Telangana CM KCR. Not only leaders but also general public have got much to talk about this name. TDP has blamed time and again that its opposition party leader has sought support from PM Modi and Telangana CM against them. AP CM alleging that KCR is trying to run the show in AP by supporting Jagan.
A weak government in AP will definitely fetch benefits to KCR and that is why he is trying in all possible ways to bring Jagan into power is what AP CM is has been alleging time and again. According to him, KCR is trying to pacify the feeling of opposition in the hearts of people of AP after the division of Andhra Pradesh into two and for this he is putting his full efforts. Babu using the sentiment angle in his campaigning against Jagan quoting that KCR had sent around thousand crores to AP and if people veote for Jagan then KCR will come into power indirectly in the state of AP.

It seems that the strategy that KCR had followed in assembly elections in Telangana is now being followed by TDP in AP elections. KCR had tuned the formation of alliance formed by TDP with congress and other parties in Telangana assembly for his winning strategy. KCR had campaigned against the intervention of AP in Telangana even after the formation of separate state and this got a whopping response from Telangana people in favour of TRS. After the election results few of the Congress leaders attributed their loss to the alliance with TDP.
Now the same card is being played in AP its CM. There was opposition to the division of the then AP by AP people. This sentiment is being utilised by Chandra Babu in his campaigning.Babu is claiming that Jagan is hurting the self respect of the people of AP and insulting them by Seaking support from KCR. Also he blamed KCR that the TDP leaders in Hyderabad are being threatened and that is the reason why the leadres are switching parties from TDP to TRS.
Even the Janasena Party leader Pawan Kalyan has taken up the same strategy. His claim that people of Andhra are being beaten up in Telangana raised quite a controversy. The slogan of self esteem of AP people in AP & Telangana is being used in full fledge. Incidentally Y.S.Jagan is not reacting much to all these allegations. On the suggestion of his party not to comment on these issues which ultimately will be against the party performance Jagan opted silence instead of reacting to all this. Not only in Telangana even in AP KCR is a hot topic.