I am a mother of a daughter

Celebrating my daughter’s 12th birthday was an another special moment in my life as a mother. My child has entered into her teens. I blushed. Now many new things will enter my home. Privacy, confusion, crush, hesitation would be few of them. It was as if just yesterday that I myself was throwing tantrums at my own mother. Time really flies.

I will shop with her, we can gossip together, few of my dresses will come out from the closet from yesteryears to adorn my daughter. As lovely were her childhood years I really pray for her wonderful teen years. By the end of her teens she will be a woman from a little girl.

I am myself excited but equally scared and confused at this juncture of my life.

As a journalist every morning when I spend one hour on the news from yesterday and all day I jog between updates of the day, my heart cries out everyday, it literally mourns, words are not enough to explain that pain which I encounter for those few moments. Of course again I contain myself and life continues with all its shades.
I avoid writing about the extent of the brutality faced by a girl before she finally rests in peace amidst beasts.