Nizamabad farmers against TRS K.Kavitha


179 farmers have filed their nominations against the sitting MP Kalvakuntala Kavitha. The farmers of turmeric and red jowar staged their protest against her for not providing the support price for their crops. This feat by farmers during the elections is definitely seeking nation wide attention as the sitting MP is none other than the daughter of the President of TRS party, Telangana state Chief Minister KCR. With such a whopping number of nominations by farmers against a sitting MP of the constituency has now become a question of concern for the TRS party as it is able to be expect a win in most of the constituencies in Telangana. No stone has been left unturned by the party to mediate with farmers but in vain.
Because of so many number of nominations Election Commission has to plan and execute ballot box voting even in 2019 elections in Nizamabad constituency. EVMs can accommodate only 63 candidates plus one NOTA. And just in case if the arrangements are not made with in stipulated time of the elections then rescheduling of the elections in this place has to be done.

With just two weeks to go for the elections in the state Nizamabad farmers are definitely staging their issues in a novel way. No nomination withdrawal was reported hinting that all independent candidates (farmers) will be in the fray as they took this initiative to register their protest on remunerative or support price for turmeric and red jowar.
The fall back of the TRS party in fulfilling the promises made to the farmers has definitely turned into a serious issue for the party in the upcoming elections in the Nizamabad constiteuency. With just two weeks to go for the election date the agitation in the constituency of the daughter of the TRS party president where she is also the sitting MP is rising doubts in this segment. With a clean swipe in assembly elections and good show in sarpanch elections how will a confident TRS party perform in Lok Sabha elections in Nizamabad constituency is an interesting angle to be watched.

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