I had done swimming all night. There was this big anaconda chasing me. My grandmother came out of no where to show me the hiding place. And few elephants just before a small bridge. A big black jeep and a small island in the middle of overflowing river. I woke with bad body pains.
I was in car with my better half, he of course driving. On a road trip to hill station the journey was wonderful. Once the steep started there was a lorry right in front of me. I closed my eyes but when I opened I was flying in clouds. Then I came down, this time I was driving the car and when I reached home I saw myself lying down in front room with all my beloveds around me bidding me final farewell. I was shocked when I realized what had happened. I woke up with a heavy heart.
The snow was chilling but my long flowing gown was keeping me warm. Wonderful small garden was welcoming. As I entered it I was awestruck. Flowers I had not seen before and fruits I never tasted. Water was so clear like mirror, I loved myself looking into it. A small enclosure, a construction I had not seen before. Bright light inside. I walked towards it and I was feeling happy and more happy and more happy as I was getting closure to it. I was so happy. I woke up with a grin.
We remember few dreams so clearly and few dreams we forget. Though we forget the dream the emotion connected to it stays with us after we wake up.  Some we remember vaguely. Few dreams are wonderful and few are disturbing.
I tried reading about dreams and other references on the same topic but trust me nothing really caught my interest. The dreams are fascinating and of course theories behind them. Fact or fiction the dreams have always been a question mark in the lives of mankind.

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