Do you know who is the idiot?


Yes when the word ‘idiot’ under google search engine is typed in images guess whose picture comes up? Well little difficult to guess but it is none other than Donald Trump the President of USA. How would that happen and how does a search in google work that this is happening? Google CEO Sundar Pichai tried to explain the reason behind the photo of Donald Trump being popped when searched for the word ‘idiot in google search images.
According to Sundar Pichai google saves billions of webpages in its index and whenever a key word is typed in the search engine google matches the word with web pages and rank them based on over 200 signals with things like relevance, freshness, popularity and how other people are using it and based on that at given time google try to rank and find the best results for that query and evaluate them at the external raters to make sure it is evaluated to the objective guidelines and that is how google make sure that the process is working.
But any ways google is also not able to help this outcome.

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