Colleges or concentration camps


Surprisingly this question arises only after the results are announced and few students commit suicide and many articles get published, experts give their valuable opinions, parents get fresh enlightenment, colleges get into defensive mode, strikes, compensations and all drama around keeps the day busy in hot summer months when there is no possibility of going out. With dropping temperatures the heat over the issue drops and as usual everything is back to normal till next summer season.
Amongst all this there are still few parents who really don’t give a look at the progress card of their kids. There are parents who don’t celebrate the A – grade of their children. There are parents who don’t mind if their kids get a C – grade. But alas, these parents are termed as ‘fools’. Yes these fools are blamed, are taunted for not sending kids to corporate schools, for not joining them in tuitions, for letting their kids waste their time on streets playing games in the evening.
If a mother says ‘I would love to see my son set up his art studio,when he grows up, he is very good at miniature arts’, she is called mad.
If a father says, ’I would love to see my daughter grow up to be a writer, I love the way she expresses herself on paper’, he is labelled as a man with lost mind.

No free advise! Every parent has the right to dream for their kids but when those dreams start becoming suffocation to the children it’s the time parents should wake up. Do dream but don’t keep your eyes closed.
Once the above said so called ‘fools’ – parents are acknowledged and accepted by the society, the concentration camps will definitely disappear and till then summer can be spent reading these articles.

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