Violence in AP between TDP & YSRCP supporters


Many places in AP have witnessed violence with two opposition parties (TDP & YSRCP) supporters turning violent against each other. The places where trouble has been anticipated police said that they had deployed additional force but with the large number of people getting into violence and practical availability of only few police personnel led to situations out of control. The voters ran off from polling booths in troublesome areas after witnessing the riots. The large crowd disturbance too led to confusion. Along with party supporters polling agents got involved into verbal or physical combatting which is causing disturbance in the continuity of voting process in various parts of Andhra Pradesh. Police is trying to disperse the people from gathering in large numbers at a single place to avoid unruly incidents.

On top of it over 350 polling booths have reported poor conditions of EVMs. Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh was furious on the arrangements for elections and wrote a letter to EC that the EVMs have been tampered and that the votes for TDP are automatically getting registered into YSRCP account. In that case he said he will appeal for re elections in the state.

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