Do you know where is Anushka Shetty?

Anushka Shetty who is also known as Sweety has not made to the silver screen for quite sometime. Her absence has been disappointing to many of her fans and they are looking forward to see their star on the big screen soon. Anushka Shetty absence also ofcourse have given rise to many rumors and speculations.
Yes, the rumors about her plans of her marriage also were going around which she denied softly even in past. In recent times there was a speculation about her health condition too.

With many a wonderful hit women oriented characters and movies in her kitty Anushka Shetty is doing a cameo role in the ‘Sye Raa’ movie. Rumors circling that she fractured her leg during a stunt performance for the movie made Sweety take to social media. Taking to social media, she wrote, “I am hale, healthy and happy shooting in Seattle. Love you all (sic)”
It was earlier reported that Anushka Shetty will play the lead role in director Hemant Madhurakar’s upcoming film Silence. It looks like the actress has joined the film’s shooting in Seattle along with Madhavan and Shalini Pandey as well.
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