Akshay Kumar interviews Narendra Modi


In a candid chat with actor Akshay Kumar Prime Minister Narendra Modi seemed relaxed after heavy election campaigning across the nation. A day after the polls in Gujarat Modi and akshay had everything to talk about except politics.
Talking about childhood where he enjoyed swimming and loved playing in groups rather solo games which helped him develop his skills in working in groups.
Yoga , Modi says, helped him in staying fit and peaceful.
Modi calls himself a man of self discipline and lover of cleanliness with simplicity. And says that is the reason swach bharat was one of his first few agendas.

Active on social media he says he does enjoys the memes and likes to feel connected with common man of the nation.
Modi says in his whole life he never had things more than what could fit in his small suitcase and even today he does not need much material things. His first bank account was opened when he became an MLA and says that his mother still gives him money but never expects anything in return.
Modi said he loves relaxing with a cup of tea under the sky is one thing that he loves and venturing out alone in nature is one thing he longs for after he became PM.

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