After NTR its KCR, working for people

The leaders who won the elections for Telugu people are only two: one is NTR and another is KCR, KTR said speaking on the occasion of Telangana formation day.
TRS Working President KTR praised both the NTR and KCR eually. He participated in the program organized in the Telangana Bhavan on the occasion of the TRS formation day.
KTR said that NTR’s victory was due to the fact that the political scenario in the then Andhra Pradesh was dull and his cinema glamour. He said that KCR was successful even without strong social background or financial resources.

He added that while the opposition leaders are looking for TRS party to make mistake so that they can defame the party, KTR said that any error if occurs will be immediately rectified.
Also he told to his party leaders, activists and leaders to maintain secrecy in case of any disappointment within the party and discuss the same to only party people and not in public.