Factors in favor of BJP leading to a huge win

Factors in favor of BJP leading to a huge win. Multiple factors worked in favor of the modi led BJP government or we can say BJP led Nda government.
“Ab ki baar teen sow paar” the slogan of Amit Shah turned out to be true.
‘Together we grow, together we prosper, together we win for Vijay Bharat’ was a tweet from Prime Minister narendra Modi. The modi factor propagated very well across the country. With more than 300 seats in its basket definitely BJP is wanted back in power by the people of the country. Modi has obviously made a referendum of success in the hearts of people divorced from the regions, states or candidates.
The performance of Modi on governance front with all the schemes quite fetched the BJP government. Though the critics say that all these schemes have been just rebranded and pushed into public. But on ground level all the public welfare schemes seems to have benefitted the common man.
Balakot was cherry on top for the BJP. ‘He took on the Pakistan’, has been talked a lot. ‘The terrorists will not be tolerated’, a line from Modi has left its mark. He has been looked upon as a strong leader who would talk for the country against Pakistan on terrorists ground.

In the World Bank’s latest Ease of Doing Business Report, India rose to 77, up from 100 a year earlier. This had a better impact on people than the hiccups because of the GST regulation on the economic front.
Though the opposition hammered on the demonetization step by the BJP government, it proved to be a success among the people. With their mandate reposing their faith today. The mandate shows that people accepted the moto of the BJP to curb the black money.
Yes the joblessness had been on top of the issues among many. But clearly, many young voters do not blame the government for the same. With a hope for a better tomorrow the electorates have given another chance to the BJP government.
With many leaders from other parties crossing over to BJP was icing on the cake. The friction obviously visible in the alliances in the opposition parties helped in massive victory margin. The organizational crisis of Congress party just could not put up a strong opponent for the prime ministerial candidate or a strong opposition even with the help of alliances.
We could now characterise the period when the BJP came to power in 2014 as the beginning of a new single-party hegemonic system in Indian politics that was akin to what prevailed since Independence during the days of the “Congress system”. The 2019 Lok Sabha election has clearly affirmed this.
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