A Girl… where does she belong

by: B.N.L.Sirisha   
I wonder how much we have developed. Actually what does development mean.
A girl who thinks she is the princess of her house is suddenly ‘parayi’, even today after her marriage. Conversations with parents change, repeatedly reminding her that now you are no more our responsibility. So please don’t expect anything.
A girl with loads of dreams enters into a new home where she is welcomed though never finds a place in the heart of the people in that house. Much is expected from her but no one realize that her expectations are washed away in silent tears.
Blessed are those girls who atleast get a loving husband amidst all this. Though helpless in improvising her situation in any house where she so called belongs to lends his shoulder at night to unburden those silent tears. And pity would be a very small word for those girls who are not so privileged.
‘Mind you the property of your father goes to your brother, don’t even imagine you will get a share in it and clear the same to your husband’, a constant reminder from mother.
‘Mind you the responsibility of this house is yours, don’t even imagine you will have the rights to do what you wish’, a constant reminder from mother-in-law.
I wonder how much we have developed. Actually what does development mean…… when a girl still spend nights wondering where does she belong

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